How to Contact Bart

I am happy to answer all the questions I receive on the blog. If you are wondering about something, simply ask your question as a “comment” on any blog post. It doesn’t matter if the question is related to the post or not: just ask it. I will receive it with all the other questions and will try to respond.

If you have a question of a more deeply personal nature, please contact me via email at

If the matter you email about is not urgent or is directly related to the topics covered on the blog, I may not be able to respond. Please don’t take this personally. I get so many emails a day I simply cannot answer them all. Like so many other people, I don’t have enough hours in the day or days in the week. But alas, my petitions to resolve this problem have gone unheeded.

So… for questions related to the New Testament and early Christianity, please ask on the blog itself.